Location Uses

Tulum Lighthouse is available to rent for photo, video, fashion, magazine and music shoots.


Tulum Lighthouse  is located in La Veleta, one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in Tulum. Organic market, coffee shops and restaurants are all within walking distance. 15 minutes away from the beach, the privileged location of the neighborhood offers easy access to the bus station, the downtown attractions and local market.

Nearby Attractions

Tulum archaeological site is 3.7 mi (6 km) from Tulum Lighthouse. This unique location offers a glimpse of the past splendor of the Maya with a stunning ocean backdrop.

• Tulum Lighthouse is only 49 km (30.4 mi) from Coba archaeological site. Here you will find vestiges of long – gone people rising from the jungle as silent witnesses of the past greatness of the Maya splendor. Scattered throughout the site are abandoned temples that portray the rise and fall of an ancient civilization. The main temple, a 42 m tall pyramid is an absolute must – see. Getting to the top can be a challenge, but the 120 steps climb is amply rewarded with breathtaking views from the top.

• Cenotes . The name literally means “hole with water”. These geological formations were thought to be doorways to the underworld in the Maya civilization. They are now know to be entrances to the largest underground river system in the world, since The Yucatan Peninsula has no surface rivers. More that a 100 cenotes are easily accessible within a short drive from Tulum Lighthouse. They have different depths where you can swim, snorkel, dive and explore the underwater systems.

Some of the most popular are:

• Cenote Dos Ojos

• Cenote Tortugas

• Labna – Ha

• Tulum offers stunning views of the Caribbean Sea . The breathtaking hues of turquoise water sparkling under the sun are best admired taking a barefoot walk on the soft, sand y beach; feeling the cool, soft sand sliding through your toes.

• Chichen Itza . This wonder of the world is located 93 mi (150 km) from Tulum Lighthouse and the 2 hour drive to admire the complex takes you through some quaint villages. Once there you can see what a big Maya city looked like when the civilization was at the peak of its splendor. During the Spring and Fall equinox, the light phenomenon that occurs on the main pyramid is well worth the crowds.

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